Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The liberal wailing and gnashing of teeth continues

With Eric Eidsness withdrawal, anger at Sen. Ken Salazar seems to be building among liberal circles over his role in the Dem's CO-4 primary.

Colorado Confidential expressed it last week:

Anyone who questions U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar's role in Colorado politics should take a look at the state's Fourth Congressional District...

Maybe Salazar is not a Godfather in the traditional sense, but he makes offers you can't refuse.

No matter how subtly Salazar wields power, that's the Godfather's way.

Weld County's Wide Street's is predicting another Musgrave victory today:

[Sen. Ken] Salazar’s working hard behind the scenes (though Betsy will try to minimize this), and has now cleared the field for another CD-4 Democratic loss.

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John Galt said...

Theyre right for being mad at Salazar. Paccione was by far the biggest threat to Musgrave. Good name ID and fundraising that no Democrat has ever seen in CD4, and few have seen in Colorado. Maybe I should be saying thank you to Salazar?