Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Eric Eidsness Ends Campaign For Congress

Eric "His Eidsness" has ended his campaign for Dem nomination in CD-4. Speculation abounds that Congress is much too small for someone with Eric's ego and that he is in fact running for President of the United States as a (insert party here) candidate. We will keep you updated on the wonder that is Eric Eidsness. In other news, the sun will still rise tomorrow morning.

From the Coloradoan

Eidsness ends congressional campaign
By Coloradoan staff

Eric Eidsness abandoned his bid for Northern Colorado's Democratic congressional nomination, apparently clearing the way for Betsy Markey to challenge Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave next November.

"The hand writing is on the wall and I see it is not my time to be elected to national office to represent (Colorado's 4th Congressional District)," Eidsness said in a prepared statement. "While my populist message appeals to a broad range of voters, particularly in the more rural areas, I do not have the support I will need here in Larimer County to win the Democratic nomination."

Eidsness is the second Democratic candidate to drop from the race in the past week. Angie Paccione, the party's 2006 nominee, withdrew last week.

That leaves Markey, a former Larimer County Democratic chair and aide to Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., as the sole announced Democratic candidate.

Musgrave, who's served three terms in Congress, narrowly defeated Paccione in 2006, when Eidsness ran as a Reform Party candidate.

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