Thursday, August 31, 2006

Paccione Grilled, with a side of slaw

The headline says it all...

Paccione Grilled by Students...

The real question here is did the students drink Budweiser or Coors with their grilling?

In all seriousness, The Fort Collins Coloradoan, which is basically part of Angie's propaganda campaign, even had trouble making Paccione look good. Half of the article was taken up by Musgrave's Campaign Manager Shaun Kenney's pithy quote (see below) and the inquiries of an ASCSU student about Paccione's view on gay marriage.

If Angry Angie the New York Liberal, can't make it at CSU, the bastion of liberalism in the 4th CD, how does she expect to win?


The response from Shaun Kenney, spokesman for Musgrave's campaign, to Paccione's call to elect someone who will be a leader and fight for the district was short and to the point.

"If she wants someone who represents the values of the 4th District, we look forward to her endorsing Marilyn Musgrave and bowing out of the race," Kenney said.

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Anonymous said...

When Musgrave was first elected, my daughter and I ran into her at Ross's clothing store, which is a thrifty, but nice store, and she was so kind to my daughter who was about 18 at the time and even wrote to her after she got back from congress. She is humble and honest and nice to young people.