Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beauprez's #2

There has been rampant speculation from the left and the right about who Bob Beauprez will pick to serve as the Colorado State Ribbon Cutter and #2 Figure Head, also known as Lt. Governor.

It seems that current Lt. Guv Jane Norton is the most popular name at the gossip water cooler. Norton is a nice lady, and cuts ribbons really well, but I'm not sure she's the one that inspires the party faithful. John Elway's name has even been tossed around.

Regardless of who Beauprez picks, there are several criteria that need to be met to make the pick viable.

1) Beauprez needs to pick a solid, well spoken conservative.
2) Beauprez needs to pick someone who can cut the ribbons and be his hatchet-man.
3) Beauprez needs someone who is a tireless campaigner.

Some people would say that Beauprez's pick needs to be a strong fundraiser, and while I agree, I think that these other issues are more important in the long run that the marginal help a Lt. Guv will bring to the Beauprez for Governor bank account.

To The Right has the low down on Beauprez's announcement tour tomorrow.

Tomorrow: a report card on Beauprez Lt. Guv pick.

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