Thursday, August 17, 2006

MSM attacks Lamborn, again.. for no reason

The MSM, this time in the form of the Colorado Springs Independent is advancing an argument that we are sure to hear ad-nauseum through November, Doug Lamborn is "too far to the right."

Some of the choice quotes:
"I am a Republican, and I will be supporting Jay Fawcett."

Those words, spoken by respected longtime community business leader Marv Strait— might sound like heresy to the ears of many local Grand Old Party loyalists. For many Republican officeholders, or those who may one day want to become politicians, such a public statement could very well spell for them the kiss of death. But to Strait, a Republican for 51 years, supporting a Democrat running for Congress is really no big deal.

"I've always voted for the individual, and in this case, I support Jay," Strait says.
Right… It gets worse:
“..Strait echoes the desire to have someone with military experience in Congress.

"I don't think Lamborn has ever been in the military, and we're a military town," he says. "It seems to me that so much of our economy depends on having someone understand the military."
Apparently military service is required to fully understanding the military. IÂ’m sure FDR and Truman would be glad to hear that they were unfit to lead a nation at war because they didnÂ’t serve themselves.

But the winner of The Most Pretentious,condescendingending and Most full of Bull quote goes to:
"I've also had several prominent Republicans tell me they'd be scared to death to come out and publicly endorse Jay, but when they step into the voting booth, they'll be voting for Jay," Hente says, declining to name names.
What Hente actually means: "There are Republicans who donÂ’t support Doug, but I canÂ’t give you any examples, but since youÂ’re liberal you take me at face value even though I couldnÂ’t be any more full of crap."

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