Sunday, August 13, 2006

CD5 Update: Media Bias Alert

The local 'Springs media has pulled out the long knives and is already questioning Doug Lamborn's ability to defeat lefty-wack job Jay Fawcett.

KRDO News 13 strikes out with tired old mantra, "its all about the unafiliated voters."

The Summit Daily News, in an article about Lamborn's victory, spent half the article talking about the losers, especially Anderson and Rayburn.

Classic mainstream media spin:
Rayburn won support from homemaker Becky Heck, 53, who said she disliked negative advertising on behalf of the other candidates.

"“He addressed the issues,"” she said. "I just felt like all the other candidates were so desperate in their appeals, so negative. I probably wouldn'’t have a problem with a lot of them and their philosophy, but I was so turned off by the ads."

Each candidate expressed strong support for President Bush's policies and decisions in the war on terrorism and has called for stronger illegal-immigration policies and opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the country.

[Eds. Note: Excuse me, Becky, but your guy lost. Your guy was desperate, Doug Lamborn won because he is BETTER on the issues than your guy, deal with it.]

Why, you might ask, is the Summit Daily News fixated with Rayburn supporters? Why are they talking to the supporters of the loser?

It's simple really. Until Tuesday, they didn't have a focal point for their conservative bashing. Now that Lambron is on the fast track to Washington, he is the whipping boy for the liberal loving, RINO Republican worshipping media.

There is nothing that makes an editor more exciting than moderates who are willing to bash conservative heros.

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