Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CFAC attack on Ritter get's national attention

Christian Family Alliance of Colorado has gotten national attention for their petition drive to force Governor Bill Ritter to respect Article V Section 50 of the Colorado Constitution which prohibits "direct" and "indirect" use of state funds to provide abortions.

Ritter has announced he intends to restore state funding to abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, in direct violation of the Colorado Constitution. Colorado State Senator Scott Renfroe (R - Eaton) has joined with CFAC in this important fight. Last legislative session, Renfroe's SB07-143 was the first legislation ever introduce in the Colorado Assembly to ban abortions in Colorado.

From WorldNetDaily:

"The reality is that Bill Ritter has never backed down from his promise to put money into Planned Parenthood," Mark Hotaling, the director of the Christian Family Alliance, told WND.

He explained that the budget the state currently is operating on was established mostly by the former governor before he left office.

Especially, he noted the state's "family planning" money was committed to other organizations that are operating under contracts already in existence. Ritter, when he made the statements about having taxpayers support Planned Parenthood's operations financially, meant it, and he still means it, Hotaling said.

"The governor had to appease the radical left of his party, and made certain promises. One of them he made repeatedly was to restore money to Planned Parenthood," Hotaling said."The reason he couldn't to do last legislative session was the timing of grants and the lack of funds in the state family planning fund," he said.

"But there's nothing to prohibit him from doing it in the next session, when more money can be put into the fund."He said the public needs to rise up and let the governor know of its opposition to taxpayer funding for the abortion industry.


Joining in the Colorado Family Alliance campaign is state Sen. Scott Renfroe, who told WND that he's "gravely concerned" about Ritter's announced plans.

He said he's asked the governor, "How are you going to do this, and uphold the constitution and the will of the people?" "I guess time will tell if he does do something," he said.

Renfroe told WND that a campaign letter has been sent to constituents seeking support. "I am saddened and appalled that Gov. Ritter assumes that part of our tax money already belongs to Colorado's largest abortionist," he wrote. "And with pro-abortion liberals in control of the State Legislature, our only hope is to turn to the good sense and actions of citizens … to help stop this injustice."

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