Saturday, September 22, 2007

CSU CR Press Release Calls For Resignation Of Editor

For Immediate Release:

The CSU College Republicans Call for Resignation of University Newspaper Editor

Fort Collins - The Colorado State University College Republicans are calling for The Collegian editor in chief, David McSwane, to resign. On Friday, September 21, 2007, The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Volume 116, No. 36, published an editorial using explicit language directed toward President Bush. The editorial has created an uproar among students and community members.

The College Republicans acknowledge the Collegian’s right to free speech, and are utilizing their right to criticize. This is not a free speech issue; it is an issue of journalist integrity. It is believed that this was a politically charged statement. Chelsey Penoyer, Chair of the CSU CRs, noted, “It is one thing to challenge us, the College Republicans as your peers, but it is another to attack the Executive Office of the United States. This is a display of blatant disrespect for the Office of the President of the United States.”

Nor is this an issue of constitutionality. The CSU CRs are not trying to censor them or take away their right. However, this is a public paper with a large readership. McSwane had no consideration for the community of Fort Collins. It is a family-oriented city, and must be noted that the paper goes out to businesses and restaurants around the city where everyone has the availability to read it. The Fort Collins community has continually embraced and supported CSU.

There are numerous media outlets in the community; however on the CSU campus there is only one that blatantly leans to the left. This is exactly why the CSU CRs have established a second voice on campus that portrays the views of conservative students. They are looking for advertisers and writers. Anyone who is interested can email them at

This not only discredits CSU and college students in general. It also has caused a loss of all credibility for The Collegian. Monday, September 24th, the CRs were scheduled for a CSU College Republican recruitment event. Therefore, they will continue by holding this event on the Student Center plaza. The CSU CRs will now be having an informal, official petition for people to sign asking for McSwane’s resignation.


Educator-To-Be said...

I read that the newspaper lost $35,000 in advertising over the editorial and is now operating in the red.

How long can the editorial staff remain if the paper is losing money? Not too long, I think.


If Josh Lyman Were Conservative... said...

Sadly the paper is subsidized by Student Fee money, as well as, funds from the University General Fund. They're not going out of business any time soon.