Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Reality Of Wayne Wolf Taking On Bob Schaffer

The big buzz in Colorado politics this week is that a gentleman named Wayne Wolf has announced his candidacy for the Senate seat being vacated by Wayne Allard.

Though some are saying that he is taking on Bob Schaffer in the primary, people forget that he first has to make the ballot to be in the primary.

He won't.

Just as Holtzman was not able to make the ballot, and just as some of your conspiracy theorists would say that Coors never really made the ballot, you can soon say the same thing about Mr. Wolf. The big difference is that Holtzman and Coors both had great campaign teams, both had money, and both had abit of name ID in Republican circles before they announced.

Wayne Wolf has none of those attributes.

On a political blog someone questioned if Mr. Wolf would be pushed out of the primary because he lacked the horns, implying he might be a RINO or Republican In Name Only for all you political sarcasm virgins. I will say that where Mr. Wolf is at on the conservative spectrum is of no concern to anyone, in fact Mr. Wolf even announcing he is running is really of no concern to anyone. No one will try and push him out, because no one will care.

If the Schaffer camp is concerned at all they could spend a couple thousand dollars on a delegate campaign to make sure he does not make the ballot, but even that IMHO is unneeded. When a political operative from the western slope called me last week to see if I knew who Wayne Wolf was(I had no clue), I knew the Schaffer camp would be fine.

I am sure that Mr. Wolf is a fine upstanding gentleman that has devoted many years of his life to the conservative movement, but that does not make him a contender in the Republican primary. Some feel that a few of the western slope's needs have been ignored by our current Senators, water being their main concern. But trying to take out Schaffer is not going to meet those needs anytime sooner. And to put things into perspective Schaffer is not the culprit to the western slope water woes and if anything he, as was done during his time in Congress, will be a champion for their cause.

Mr. Wolf I am sure you are a fine upstanding Republican. But for your self respect, bow out of this thing now. No one else is going to take the time to spare you.

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Anonymous said...

agreed John. This guy wont make the ballot, all the hubub of him even running is crazy, who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!