Monday, June 11, 2007

Musgrave getting national assitance

A ColoradoPols reader has posted the full text of a fundraising letter sent on Musgrave's behalf by NRCC chairman Tom Cole.

Read the full post here.

The letter:

From the Desk of:

Chairman, NRCC


I have exciting news.

I just spoke with Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave and she has agreed to run for reelection in 2008 and is already laying the groundwork for a successful reelection campaign.

I have committed to Marilyn that I will support her re-election this cycle.

Ensuring proven candidates like Marilyn run for re-election is critical as we lay the groundwork to retake the Majority in the United State Congress.

One of my key tasks as Chairman is to support great, established candidates like Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave early this election cycle -- to dissuade formidable opponents from challenging our incumbent Members -- and to give our candidates a financial advantage if a formidable challenger steps forward.

That’s why I am so eager to help Marilyn Musgrave right now.

Re-electing Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave is absolutely vital to retaking our Majority in the House.

Today I’m asking you to make a major financial commitment to her campaign by contributing $500, $250 or even just $100 as soon as possible.

I hope you will look back at what you’ve invested in the past to help elect Congresswoman Musgrave and go ahead and do so again this quarter if at all possible.

Congresswoman Musgrave is one of our hardest-working Members at all aspects of her job: legislative, campaign and fundraising. The Leadership knows we can count on Marilyn to reliably and steadfastly support open markets, low taxes, smaller government and the other hallmarks of GOP economic policy.

Marilyn was reelected with a 3% margin in one of the worst political environments for the GOP I have ever seen. And despite the millions of dollars spent against her by the radical 527s and the DCCC, Marilyn’s hard work, determination and commitment to Republican principles won out over the negative ads and misrepresentations she endured.

Considering all the factors – I consider Marilyn’s re-election last year a remarkable accomplishment.

And helping re-elect Marilyn to Congress again is one of my top priorities.

Marilyn needs all of our support and I am asking for you to contribute $500, $250, $100 or whatever possible to the Musgrave for Congress campaign.

Marilyn needs to show a strong cash position to ward off potential liberal, Democrat opponents. With your help, we can make sure she is in a strong financial position.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation in this important event.

Best regards,

Tom Cole, M.C.
Chairman, NRCC

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