Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Keep Ron Paul in tonights debate

From ConservativesBetrayed.com:

On June 5, the third Republican presidential debate will be held in New Hampshire and will be televised by CNN.

In these final days and hours before the debate, the Big Government Republicans are expected to put intense pressure on the three sponsors to drop Ron Paul from the panel of debaters.

Don’t let this happen! Sign the petition to keep Ron in the debate, and send the petition to your friends!

This petition is not an endorsement of Ron Paul for the presidency.

It says: “Whether we agree with Ron Paul’s viewpoints or not, we believe that Republicans—and all other Americans—deserve a real debate with more than one viewpoint. Keep Ron in!”

Ron Paul has become the lightning rod in the presidential debates by expressing his conservative opinions. Let’s not let the Big Government Republicans silence him!

Go to www.KeepRonIn.com NOW to keep Ron Paul in the June 5 New Hampshire debate!

Be sure to visit KeepRonIn.com!

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