Sunday, June 17, 2007

Musgrave is a Democrat???

Here is an interesting post I read from a liberal blog in Weld County.

Originally reported at WideStreets

Musgrave 2.0 is a Democrat

Alright, the headline is a bit of a stretch, but let’s look at a historical perspective, and then, I think you will agree, Marilyn Musgrave’s new persona is not that of a nasty, in-fighting, Republican. I also don’t think we’ll be seeing her pull a negative Nighthorse-Campbell.

For her entire time in the House prior to the 2006 election, it is generally agreed that Musgrave 1.0 did nothing except make things difficult for herself and, by extension, her constituents. Whether Rolling Stone was calling her one of the most corrupt congresspeople, or she was accepting contributions from Jack Abramoff, or buddying up to Tom Delay, she didn’t get a lot done. Hell, I’ve even heard a story of how she alienated the chair of Transportation, and made it difficult for her to get road money for CD-4.

But, that’s all over now, she would have us believe. Now she legislates with her hand across the aisle, and she walks about in her district, shaking hands and pouring coffee. Hell, she even voted against the Pinon Canyon army expansion. Not only that, but she voted for some things that passed unanimously. At the rate she’s going, she’ll have a walk in 2008, since she will be able to talk, for the first time in her career, about how she’s actually doing her job.

But, the most important thing that this demonstrates is not that Musgrave 2.0 is doing better, but how the new Democratic House is totally buggering things. The Republicans let some of the more political bills out of committee so that they could pin Democrats with their votes. I have been seeing a lot of uncontroversial bills going to the floor, but I haven’t been reading about many controversial Republican-sponsored bills getting any floor time.

At the end of the day, Nancy Pelosi is making it hard to get rid of Marilyn Musgrave.

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