Monday, June 11, 2007

Momentum On Schaffer's Side

The Fort Collins Coloradoan reported yesterday that Walt Klein will serve as a consultant on Bob Schaffer's 08 Senate campaign. This comes on the heels of an NRSC ad about Mark Udall's tax and spend ways which came on the heels of the hiring of Pat Fiske as campaign manager.

There was a little snafu somewhere in there with an ill advised campaign logo on the website, but overall the talk of CO politics has been Schaffer, and that talk has been good.

Udall still has the money on his side, but as I have wrote about earlier that is not as big a deal as everyone has made it out to be. At Udalls current rate he should break the $2 million COH mark right around 2016.

I wish I was joking about that one.

If the Bob Schaffer for Senate campaign can keep up with it's current pace and Mark Udall keeps up with his lack thereof then this race won't be as competitive as many had assumed.

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