Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paccione Hurts America

Humorous post from PPH

Angry Angie Paccione has been blaming Congresswoman Musgrave for an awful lot of weird things lately. She’s even gone as far as to have a Big Bird make appearances protesting obscure votes. So we did our own research and found some strange coincidences regarding Angie Paccione and her past.

Angie Paccione graduated from college in 1983 and can’t seem to specify her whereabouts during the failed coup d’état in Grenada around that same time. She suddenly reappeared and joined the Women’s American Basketball Association and two years later it crashed and burned. Again, Paccione vanished around 1986. Suddenly war broke out in Lebanon. The war seemed to be in stalemate. Suddenly Paccione reappears, this time in Colorado. Then our economy crashes. In 2002 Paccione took office. Coincidentally this was the exact time SARS broke out across the United States.

Ever since Angie Paccione was born, bad things happened across the globe. We don’t feel it’s a coincident because we use Paccione’s campaign’s logic.

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Anonymous said...

Ludicrous, but what else can you expect from people who actually buy the line that the Republicans are the party of "small government"?