Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dems, Gun Control and YouTube

I was not one of the four CNN geeks that watched the recent CNN/YouTube Sponsored Democrat Presidential debate.

For those you, who like I have a real life, and may have missed this whole spectacle, here's what it was all about.

The Main Stream Media gods temporarily descended from their polyester thrones to allow the unwashed masses -- that's you and me -- to submits questions for the Presidential debate in the form of YouTube videos.

Among the many creative videos and questions was one by Michigan gun owner Jered Townsend. Jered's video included Jered asking the Democrats about their stand on gun control and pictures him holding a well equipped AR-15 rifle that he refered to as his "baby."

Here is video of Jered's question and the hysterical hand-wringing from the Democrat Candidates that followed.

Honestly, I am very dismayed by Jered's video. While I completely agree that we must hold politicians accountable for their actions, I think playing into the stereo-type of "fanatical gun owners" does nothing to advance the cause of freedom and liberty.

I own an Ar-15, and am very proud of it, but I refrain from PDA's and BCDA's (Basic Cable Displays of Affection) with it. Not only does that make the girlfriend jealous, it casts gun owners in an unnecessarily negative light. You may be crazy, but I, sir, am not!

Sadly I suspect that Jered was mostly in this for the publicity. Any one that is part of the gun culture understands that the Democrat party is the party of gun control. I could understand that Joe Colt might not know that Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are strident anti-gun warriors, but Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton? Please.

Read more about Jered and the YouTube Debate here.

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